ConceptCORPORATE RACING uses the thoroughbred industry to promote your company in an innovative way. Thoroughbred Racing is our nations 3rd largest employer and some consider the 2nd most watched sport after AFL in Australia. This sport can be utilized to promote your business in a unique & innovative way, raise funds for charities and provide an exciting entertainment outlet for staff & business associates.

Operation – A syndicate is formed which reflects the companies identity. Racing colours in the corporate colours can be designed, if desirable.

Exposure For Your Business – The syndicate name would feature in the electronic and print media, whenever the syndicate horse is racing. Official Race books and Racing Publications contain all ownership details and should we be successful, your business name would gain further exposure and ownership details may be broadcast over radio stations like 2KY, Sport 927 and all racing stations over Australia, Sky Channel and other racing media networks like TVN.

Thoroughbred Selection – Thoroughbred Leasing sources the thoroughbreds from its contacts within the industry.We have certain criteria that must be met, in relation to the sire and dams families, both required to have been successful at the highest level. i.e. Black type winners. Our selected trainer & his vet would inspect the thoroughbred prior to agreeing to lease for the syndicate.

Taxation Benefits – Training fees are non-deductible and any prize money won is not subject to tax. GST is payable on training fees, but as a syndicate is  classified as a hobby; GST paid is not claimable against GST collected.

Why Leasing – Racing on lease is the no cost/no capital risk path to ownership which provides the same race day privileges to the lessees as all other owners. The only difference is that lessees do not have to risk capital in buying a share in the thoroughbred. The lease protects the rights of lessees for the term of the lease, but has a lessee-only escape clause.

Where to From Here – Contact us on (0407)948483 or email gsm08619@bigpond.net.au

Promotional Opportunities –

Race day Sponsorship

  • Sponsor Races
  • Marquees
  • Luncheons
  • Industry Functions


  • Great environment to further business contacts. E.g Contact Suppliers/Get New Suppliers/Clients
  • Friendly fun environment to enhance good staff relations
  • Great at marketing your company to thousands on a single day

Promotes cross selling your business products to different markets.